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How to Use Social Media for Business |

“How To Grow Your List, Increase Loyalty And Make More Money Using the Power of Facebook GUARANTEED!”  

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Have you ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs, small

business owners and online marketers gain massive exposure?

And can generate almost any amount of money on demand; have
very lucrative business clients literally begging to work with
them…whilst making it seem very, VERY easy? 

It used to be that they could achieve this from emailing their list alone, however evolution is happening and that is why I’d like to share with you the 4 biggest business changes I’ve discovered about running successful online businesses. Changes it’s taken both Karen and myself a year or so to figure out and fine tune…

Pay close attention, as knowing these 4 things could make the difference between whether you have a REAL business and your customers constantly rave about you or you’re kept in the dark with NO real chance of making it big…

#1: Email marketing Is NOT Enough To Truly grab your customers’ attention

A lot of entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers think that having a massive email list is the best way to making money FAST!

We know, because we used to think just like this…

But now, after having tested what works, we can tell you that is absolutely FALSE.

Sure, having a BIG email list used to be great to generate money…

But the DEMISE of email marketing means it’s even more important to leverage social media…

During 2011 My own email open rates plummeted from 40% down to 20% due to the way people interact online…More people are opting to connect via Facebook…

So if you REALLY want to connect with your customer, ensuring you’re the only person they seek out to do business with you’ve got to first connect on a intimate level…And the best way to do that is through a personal Face-to-face meeting…..(or connecting regularly via Facebook and Skype)

You probably already know that customers are programmed to ONLY buy on an emotional response…

But what most entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers DON’T know is this:

YOUR reputation is critical to getting customers to know, like and trust you and when you create an ultimate bond with your customers…

Your response for sales can be significantly increased, we’ve noticed a response of SEVEN TIMES as many as any other marketing strategy we have used before!

Ask any customer and they will tell you………no email or letter will ever replace ‘face-to-face’ (or video) meetings…

But we also know that to run a successful business you have to leverage your time, it’s NOT possible to get around and meet face-to-face with all your customers on an intimate level…that’s where you can truly leverage the power of the Social Media Platforms!!

Change Number #2: Customers Don’t Like Spending Their Precious Time having Face-to-Face meetings…..They Actually Only Need To Feel The ‘Know – Like – Trust’ Connection Before Doing Business With You!

Here’s another thing most entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers don’t know… when you have conversation with a customer face-to-face, a connection is made on a sub conscious level (this same type of connection can be made on Facebook)and the more they get this time with you they start to…know you…like you…and TRUST you even more!

Online relationship building on social media networks is like putting the offline networking models on steroids and can NOW be achieved in many ways now due to modern technology …….without even leaving the office!


Change Number #3: Traditional Methods For Marketing Your Business Are Ineffective, Expensive And No Longer Providing A Good Return On Investment For Business Owners Because YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Have Changed The Way They Wish To Receive YOUR COMMUNICATIONS and How THEY Wish To Engage and Interact With YOU!

Why SHOULD YOU PAY for above services when YOU CAN advertise for FREE on Facebook?  And YOU CAN reach a larger and more targeted audience?

That’s right YOU SHOULDN’T as you would NOT be utilising your most precious resources of (Time and Money) efficiently!

There are currently over 8 billion people spending significant amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus……..surely it makes sense to have your business, products and services featured where YOUR future clients, affiliates and joint venture partners are spending their time?

 Change Number #4: Expert Positioning and Reputation Management Are Crucial To Your Business Success

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or online marketer you need to tap into the very core of Social Media, because if you fail to keep up with the current trends…

It won’t be long before you’re sucked dry of every single advertising penny you have…and left paying catch up with YOUR competitors who will have been acquiring YOUR ideal clients by staying ahead of the curve.

And the fact is, and most experts don’t want you to know this, it’s never been easier than right now to harness the true money magnet power social media has to offer you.

All businesses rely on the power of reputation.Having yours managed and marketed professionally across the social media networks gives you a massive advantage over your competition…

The marketing exposure your business will generate by being marketed correctly on ANY social media site will be the difference between having a REAL business and failing…


“So What Can Facebook Marketing Do For

You Your Business?”

Click Play on the video to hear what attendees of

the workshop had to say!”

Attendees Learnt How To:

Sammy Made A Few Small Tweaks To Her

Facebook Page After The Workshop……

Check Out Her Results!

I started Internet Marketing in 2004 after being made redundant from job in BT as a ‘Customer Relationship Management Program Manager’ where I had worked for 14 years.I invested time and money in learning from the best and have gone on to generate over £8.5 million during the past 8 years selling products and services online.When I started out there were only really 2 ways of getting traffic, learn about Search Engine Optimisation and get high Google Rankings or buy traffic using Pay Per Click services such as Google Adwords.

I spent £750,000 with Google advertising in my first 3 years and turned that into over 2.5 million.However now I hardly BUY any traffic as I get masses of FREE traffic from social media sites, with Facebook being the biggest source for me.

Due to running several online businesses and training 1,000’s of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, I pride myself of staying ahead of the curve.  In 2010 I started sharing knowledge and strategies in 3 key areas which would lead to my students and clients gaining the competitive edge, they were Marketing using Video, Social Media and Mobile.

Unfortunately Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In didn’t exist when I started or I would have been able to gain massive exposure, build a list of subscribers and find new targeted clients, more efficientlyand for FREE!

Unfortunately as interest in leveraging Social Media grew, so did the range of Social Media ‘Experts’ and Social Media Training products.Many of these trainings were unethical and nothing more than teaching you how to spam people, which does not help anyone serious about building or growing a sustainable business.

I knew I needed someone who had spent time mastering how these social media networks were best leveraged ethically for business purposes, without having to breach the networks terms and conditions.  More important this person would need to test out what strategies work and incorporate them into simple systems that can be easily implemented and possibly automated to save time.

Meet Karen Warren My Social Media Coach At The

Internet Business School …

Karen was already coaching my students at my 3 day workshops and Inner Circle Mastermind Groups.She had experienced the power of facebook, video and seo from when she got invited to speak on the stage at The World Internet Summit 2010.  Karen outranked Mark Vurnum, Brett Mcfall, Tom Hua and Mark Anastasi on several positions on Page 1 of Google promoting THEIR product, using knowledge gained from MY training workshop!


Karen had been learning and testing strategies to create systems that would help her own business and other business clients whose marketing she was managing.Karen would often mention how quickly things were changing on the social media networks and how hard it must be for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to be able to stay ahead the constant wave of change to gain the competitive advantages of utilising Social Media networks.

Karen and I have set up the Social Media Business Academy because of the results of this survey we sent out, asking our customers what their biggest frustration regarding social media was…(because we knew how important it is to use, and couldn’t understand why so many people were NOT harnessing its true potential).

Even the experts can get it wrong…

And not many experts will tell you when they make mistakes, a lot will try and hide it…

I would have lost £16,247 of sales from social media over just a few months…

Had I NOT tapped into the Facebook marketing strategies Karen had to offer and will be sharing with you (Trust me these are vital to the speed of your success)

“However in business you must always be investing time to

save money or investing money to save time.”

Our mission with Founding The Social Media Business Academy is to deliver training via 1 day hands on training workshops THEN to keep you ahead of your competitors with video updates and webinars when changes occur on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, YouTube.

“We Will Save You Time And Money, Whilst Helping You Grow Your Business”

The Social Media Business Academy site will enable you access to the video footage of training of the live workshop, so you can replicate the processes and systems you will have been taught on the live training days.There is also a resources section full of goodies for you :wordpress tutorials, design tutorials, graphic design software, graphics templates, personalised Social Media Marketing Plan, Traffic generation check list.

Do You Need More Traffic, More Sales, More Leads and Loyal

Advocates For Your Business?

Well if you’re willing to invest a small amount of your time and money, I’m certain you will generate more targeted leads, convert more leads to paying customers, gain more clients and increase the profits in your business.

I have used Karen’s strategies and systems in my business to grow my list and generate new leads, and my Platinum Mastermind students have benefited immensely from her knowledge and experience. Karen and I have shared how together we have leveraged Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to generate leads, build lists, increase conversions and make more profits.

“This Dvd Homestudy Set Of The Facebook Marketing Workshop Includes…”

Content Rich Training Workshop – NO Pitching

Facebook Marketing For Business Workshop

Cost Attendees £475 Per Place


Bonus #1 – 6 Months Membership of Social Media Business Academy

Bonus 2 – 30 WordPress Video tutorials & resource guide

Bonus 3 – 30 Graphics & Design Video Tutorials

Bonus 4 – Custom made Twitter Profile Background

Bonus 5 – Secret That Will Instantly Save You 50% On Your Facebook Advertising 

Bonus 6 – How to get £1000 of Google Adwords Credit

Bonus 7 – Digital SMBA training manual

Bonus 8 – 30 days worth of unlimited support from Simon’s team of Highly Qualified Professionals at the Internet Business School

Bonus 9 –  Membership to Our Private Facebook Group

Order Your Homestudy Dvd Set And Get All 9

Bonuses And Some Surprise Extras!

Click the “Register Now” Button Below

Only £247 + Vat

“So Who Is This Training For?”

Entrepreneurs – Increase your exposure, leads, and sales.Know how to do social media marketing effectively for yourself or to know how to outsource/automate

Marketers – You work for a business & are responsible for their social media presence.You want to know what to do, how to get results, get better ROI on marketing spend

New comer – You have no prior knowledge and don’t know where to start

Internet marketing beginners If you have heard about internet marketing or been in the game a while but are struggling to actually make money and want strategies & training that works now

Business owners If you are a local business owner who is looking to the internet to increase sales, seeking new growth strategies or aiming to grow your existing online (or offline) business. This is an invaluable training and resource for you and your team

Business Students & Teachers - Get the competitive edge ahead of your colleagues and peers. Learn tried and tested techniques you can use to accelerate ANY business. Stuff you don’t get taught in college and at university

Education establishments, business trainers & governments - For a fraction of the investment in traditional learning resources get the inside track on proven, cutting edge methods, tactics and strategies that your teachers & trainers can utilise and implement

Mumpreneurs - If you’re looking to start making money online from only a few hours a week but don’t know where to start

Online Marketing Consultants who do offer local business marketing services

Ebay or Amazon Sellers who wish to have their shops and products featured on Facebook Pages or even a Facebook Shop

Business Professionals looking to Learn about Social Media whilst logging their hours against their Continuous Professional Development – as our courses are currently being reviewed for future Accreditation

Events Organisers who wish to be able to find their target audience easier and faster than ever before to fill their events

Creative types who have products or services to sell for example published authors, product creators and service providers who want FREE and cost effective ways to market.

People who are not fulfilled in their job, currently unemployed or people needing to generate additional income because of challenging current economy

Online is a great way to build a sustainable business, whilst learning at your own pace and getting to say ‘goodbye’ to your boss.Up-skilling to increase chances of gaining employment and educating yourself to run your own business should always be high on the agenda


“How Much Does It Currently Cost You To Acquire New Customers?

 What is the lifetime value of just 1 new customer to you?

Now think how much it would cost to acquire YOUR ideal customer using Google Pay Per Click or Traditional Advertising?

How would you feel about getting 28 new customers for 74p each in just 24 hours?

Karen will show you exactly how to do this whilst saving you time, automating your lead generation and positioning your business ahead of your competition.

Your Internet Marketing & Business Mentor

Your Social Media Trainer

Your Audio & Video Marketing Trainer

“ Ignore Facebook Marketing At Your Peril…”

Here’s why…….

Facebook has 850 million users, they spend over 700 BILLION minutes a month.

50% of mobile internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook.

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements.

So by not having a presence on the biggest of the 5 networks means your company is currently happy ignoring over 850 million potential customers!

The potential to attract quality prospects is immense.  Only a fraction of those users viewing your products/services could make a big difference to your business.

You have a huge source of leads right at your fingertips.  The good news for you is that most people are doing it wrong and not taking advantage of its massive potential.  It’s time you start leveraging the most powerful social media platforms…

To survive in business you must have both prospects and customers. We will show  you how to generate targeted leads and attract business to you…


 “Given This RARE Opportunity Of Getting Training From 3 Experts And Super Bonuses I Can Only Think Of 3 Reasons Why You Might Not Seize This Opportunity…”

Reason #1 “This Training Is Not Going To Be Any Different…”

Firstly, this social media training is going to be the best I have delivered so far…with the uniqueness that no-one else is including  ongoing updates & discounted done for you services!

The reason is by having the best-of-the-best trainer’s makes this training very different from any other… You won’t find this anywhere else…

You will see I have gone the extra mile to ensure YOU get to the bottom of your social media problems and FREE you from them completely…

Bottom line…

You’ll be armed with every single tool to guarantee your online success…

 Reason #2 “The Cost”

My returning clients will tell you – It’s not a cost it’s an investment, it’s a way of getting real results FASTER…

If you stay at home and try to figure this out on your own, then it’s going to cost you considerable more…

Karen has spent over 5,620 hours learning, testing and working with Social Media Marketing and has spent thousands of pounds on her education and products – Thus enabling you to save YOUR time and YOUR money.

Simon has got 8 years top level Business and Online Marketing Experience and knowledge to share and he has invested tens of thousands of pounds on his professional development.  He has over a million pounds worth of experience with Google Adwords.

You need to devour this training to help yourself and spread your social message…

There is no other training in our field from which a higher percentage of attendees go home and create as much money…

The fee should be irrelevant, because attendance is virtually MANDATORY for every serious entrepreneur, small business owner and online marketer as well as those serious about entry. There is no other opportunity at any time to secure a lower registration fee than right now,

Reason #3 “Doesn’t Apply To Me”

Not important for you – maybe you think you can figure this out on your own?

I don’t have to remind you I would have lost £16,247 of affiliate sales from Facebook over just a couple of months if it wasn’t for Karen’s Social Media Expertise…

You owe it to yourself to come along and be apart of the Facebook Marketing For Business Workshop, once you see what this training has to offer…I believe attending this Training will put you on your true path to real business success…

Make this a priority and click the REGISTER NOW button to reserve your homestudy course & bonuses!

Only £247 + Vat

Warmest Regards,










Simon Coulson & Karen Warren

Founders of The Social Media Business Academy


P.P.S. – Think about this, You’ve got a days access with 3 experts in Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and Audio/Video Marketing. If you came to any one of us as a private client, you’d pay thousands of pounds to get one day consultancy, but for a short time only you can get one day intense training footage for a real steal!

Check Out What People are Saying on about Us and Our Trainings


Doing exactly the same things you did in your business last year…is NOT going to give you better results this year…

Make 2012 the year you use all the PROVEN knowledge and strategies you can get from the Social Media Business Academy to ensure it’s your best year ever…

Do You Want Online Access & Bonuses Instead?

£197 + Vat